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Saturday, November 08, 2008

The People's Republic of Glory

My guild on Butcherblock, formerly Highkeep, was founded by players and friends from an old Everquest guild, Blades of Glory. We called it Shards of Glory, to link to the old guild, and to, er, celebrate the shards we were leaving all over Norrath. (Remember shards?). In those days, our guild leader Phritz made all BOG members into officers, and basically anyone he trusted became an officer.

Times change. The leaders (we have 3 coleaders, Phritz, Milia and myself) and some officers were discussing changing the structure so that members wouldn't get the feeling that they were second-class citizens because they weren't officers. We wanted the officer position to only go to people who were actually going to do some kind of administrative chore for the guild. So we made some changes and I sent out this mail to the guild, which I am now sharing with you. Just because.

The People's Republic of Glory (PROG) has taken over the guild formerly known as Shards of Glory. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of leftover stationary with "Shards of Glory" printed on it, so we will continue using that name on all official correspondence.

PROG will be ruled by a triumvirated of Tyrants: Phritz LePurr, Milia Flibertigibbet, and Toldain Darkwater. Any resemblence to your former leaders is purely coincidental, as we are nothing like those bourgeois decadents. We are really mean, I'm telling you.

We have also reorganized the titles for our membership. We recognize three co-equal ranks of members: Pirates, Ninjas, and Vikings. We have arbitrarily assigned you to one of these ranks, though we could switch you, for a suitable bribe, er, gratuity. Probably even for a smile, or a kind word. Or a cookie.

We have renamed Officer to Minion to better reflect the meaning of the rank. Many inactive members have been moved out of the Minion rank, since we don't want any Minions who aren't at our immediate beck and call.

We will be placing inactive members in the Exile category, and new members will be Rabble until they have shown themselves worthy of full membership.

That is all.

Kudos to my RL daughter for coming up with the category Viking to go with Ninja and Pirate. Lobi (my RL wife, and another founder of SOG) suggested, after the fact, that instead of People's Republic of Glory, we should have been Free Republic of Glory--FROG

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