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Monday, October 27, 2008

EverSims II

Tipa has some complaints about EQ2's personal customization system

First, you can only put in your appearance armor slots what you can wear in your main armor slots. So, plate wearers can look like they are wearing caster robes, but casters can’t look like they are wearing plate. Also, low level characters can’t appear to be wearing armor above their level.

I'm not that interested in wearing plate armor, but I think I'd look really good in some black leather, maybe with some trim that sets off my red hair.

Second, there are no appearance slots for weapons. While you might keep a favorite suit of armor in your appearance slot, once you’ve upgraded a weapon, you have to bag the old one, no matter how cool it looks.

Well, Fezzik tends to use two handed staffs these days exclusively, and well, a stick is just a stick. But it's a good point.



Anonymous Tipa said...

Staff of the Observers looked so cool, I felt bad when my necro had to give it up :P Why should she have to give it up!?

Heh :)

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Karaya said...

I know! A weapon appearance slot would be so nice! I can sorta get around the no-plate-for-casters issue by donning my FP Militia uniform. Fortunately, I think it's one of the coolest looking armors in the game. And I get around the no-swords-for-casters issue with the Mercurial Windblade, which also happens to be one of the cooler looking swords (thanks to the smoke effect). But I have to trade out the Eye of the Siren if I want to show the Windblade, so I can't have my complete "fighter disguise" look without taking a hit to my practical effectiveness :P

5:46 AM  

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