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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Adventures in Arbitrage

Everybody knows how to make money in the stock market: Buy low, sell high. There are certainly people who play the broker in EQ2 that way. The typical thing that's done is the corner. Last night, I found someone on our server that had 2400+ succulent roots for sale at 50s each, and nothing for sale below that price. I'm betting he or she didn't go out and gather them all.

I don't find it all that upsetting that people do this. Even if someone buys something I'm selling and marks it up for resale at a higher price, I figure that they bought it at a price I was willing to sell, so more power to them. I generally try for a fast turnaround of my cash, rather than waiting for the big score. And usually I stay away from the corner strategies, it seems kind of risky to me.

But Sunday, I broke my rule. Milia and I had been gathering sparklies in Kylong Plains, and I had 3 blue yeti fur drop. (She got good stuff, too, I just won those rolls).

I go to the broker and see a big break in price. Most of the blue fur is priced above 2p each and there are 3 of them for a bit more than 1p. As you might know, we are trying to raise funds for a guildhall, so I decided to be a bit more like our dark elf cousins and corner. So I bought up the 3 cheap furs, and put them all on the market at about 2p.

Monday night, I log in and check my sales. Not only have I not sold any, but now there are 5 blue yeti fur for sale at under 1p. This doesn't look good, I think. But maybe it's just that Monday is a slow day.

Tuesday night. I don't even check the fur, I'm thinking long-term at this point. But my dear friend and co-guild leader Phritz comes across with "TOLLY! You have 5 blue yeti fur for sale!"

"Yes, Phritz, but I don't really want to talk about it."

"Hey, there are ELEVEN furs priced under you, all of them for less than 1p"

"YES, Phritz. Remember that 'don't want to talk about it thing'"

"Yeah, but how did you get 5 blue yeti fur?"


"Oh, hey! Did you BUY some?"

(giggles from Milia)

(marvelously attractive High Elf frown from me, showing off my red hair to great advantage)

"Yes, Phritz. Now about that change in the use of Smoldering Dust...?"


Anonymous Milia said...

I think the giggling started when Phritz first said something.

Go check your mail. I always did like adding insult to injury. Also, I got another blue sparkly bracer last night. It's in my bags witing for you. (Lore, ya know) Shoot, it's probably worth more than 20 yeti fur. Well, at today's prices anyway.

Tonight, I'm going to try the arbitrage Phritz and I worked out the other day. I'll report back tomorrow. It will be low margin but I'm hoping to make it up on volume. Which merchant pays the best? Phritz says the city merchants. What do you think?

And why am I laughing again?

10:39 AM  

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