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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I can't possibly do as good a guildhall preview as Niami Denmother did at Traders Corner, so I'll just link to hers.

...and then talk about it of course. First, though, Niami points to a thread on the SOE Forums with some updates.

The costs of these things are pretty daunting. Here are the (now updated) costs.

  • Tier 1. Level 30+ guild. 5 rooms, in every city. Purchase price 50p, upkeep 50g and 50K status per week.

  • Tier 2. Level 50+ guild. 10 rooms, in Qeynos and Freeport. Purchase price 250p. Upkeep 2.5p and 100K status per week.

  • Tier 3. Level 70+ guild. These are so big that an amenity that lets you port around within them is going to be available. These are off the coasts of Antonica and Commonlands. Cost is 1000p. Upkeep is 10p and 200K status per week.

Status upkeep is drawn from personal status donations to escrow (as is plat). Which gives me a big "Whew!".

I've contributed maybe 400K status to my guild in over 4 years of playing. And I've ground enough writs to become Exalted with the Concordium. To think of that going away in two weeks would make me weep. On the other hand, I have personal status to burn.

Apparently status reduction on items will not work on guildhalls, there's too much room for items (1500). That's the official line. Though seeing as how the maintenance costs are much bigger two, I'm not sure I buy that argument. At the very least, SR could work at a reduced rate, couldn't it?

Really, though, it's best for them to say no, and see how it works out than to say yes now and no later. You don't want to take things away from players.

The list of amenities available for purchase is long and salivagenic.

  • A banker

  • A mender

  • A druid portal porter

  • Crafting equipment

  • Fuel vendor

  • A broker

  • A beacon, giving each guild member the ability to port to the guildhall

  • A strategist, which allows a leader to plant a flag somewhere that everyone else can port to from the strategist.

  • A harvesting storage depot

  • A harvesting NPC

Wait a second, a harvesting NPC? You mean you can have a harvet bot working for your guild and it's legal? I see no further comment about this, I just can't believe that's what it is.

Here's what Niami says: "The harvesting NPCs will be of a specific type (miner, gatherer, etc.), and you can tell them to go out and harvest for a certain tier of resources. In a couple hours, you can then check back in with him and get the results of 100 random pulls from the proper node type."

I'm curious about something. We already have a bunch of crafting stations in our makeshift guildhall in Qeynos. Those will just move on over, won't they? At no further cost?

There are even more amenities planned, and further ones conceptualized but not promised for this release. Each and every one costs plat for purchase and upkeep.

I'm very interested to see what effect this will have on the overall inflation that's been happening ingame lately. In any case, this has got me more excited about the game than I've been for a good long while.

My guild is smallish and doesn't raid. On the other hand, we have some very good players. I think we may be able to manage to get a T3 hall. But don't tell SOE I said so, they may decide to drop the costs on the biggest hall.

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Anonymous Milia said...

Hey! I'm going to be house poor IRL and in game. Woo hoo! Does this mean I have to double my dose of Xanax?

I think the big guild halls are really meant for raid guilds. I get the impression that none of those requirements will mean that much to them. SoG, on the other hand, will have to work really hard to get the hall and ongoing upkeep. Still, I'm pretty excited. I'm betting that over time, it will get less onerous (like tradeskilling etc.)

I think it will reduce the amount of currency floating around in game.

1:50 PM  

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