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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Amenity Package Costs

It seems I'm obsessed with guilhalls today. Writing that title, I felt like I'm some kind of travel agent or something. There are some nice combinations of amenities that let you carry out activities efficiently from a guildhall. Anyway, I've cooked up a few spreadsheets that calculate costs and totals of such combinations, and thought I share them with you.
First, here's the basic set for grinding tradeskill writs, assuming someone is gathering the raw materials and putting them into the Depot.

If you want to dispense with the gathering, you can get the gathering hirelings for a deluxe package.

For those who focus on merchant crafting, and will buy rares via the broker. I often go directly to someone's house to buy rares, especially if they are expensive, and I'm buying a lot. This cuts against the T3 guildhall, since there will probably be more zoning involved to do something like that.

Ok, for transportation, I left out the internal teleportals and the Strategist, since he seemed more of a raiders item, as handy as he might be, it doesn't work for everyday go-about-your-business stuff. Everything else seems pretty useful, though. There's a hole here. Wouldn't it be nice, for the T3 halls, to have a bell that takes one to all corresponding city zones?

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Anonymous Milia said...

Is the supply depot some sort of default organization? If not, I want to be the official Organizer of the Supply Depot. I may have to thumb wrestle Phritz for it. It's not like I have an organizing problem. I can stop any time I want.

We definitely need the supply depot. As for the harvesters. No way. Not with any of my coin. And the mender? Puh-lease.

I think we need some empirical evidence here. Let's find the most expensive harvestable out there. I'll go harvest that node for 2 hours (although Phritz would probably be better, I get too distracted. That cat acan harvest.) and see what we get. We can assume 100% usage of the harvester and estimate a per item cost. Even ignoring the fixed cost. Let's see what the bottom line is. Or see if someone else has already done this analysis.

10:40 AM  

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