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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Let the elves say Amen(ities)!

So, what are all the amenities available for guildhalls? In my typical, 3000-year-old elvish (read tightwad) fashion, I'd like to know what they do and how much they cost so I can make a budget before we start spending plat like it was copper.

Niami Denmother has put together a list of amenities of interest to crafters in her usual efficient style. There's also a rundown of all amenities on's page on amenities, and they have a very complete rundown of costs and limits on their general guild hall page.

Here's some highlights

  • "I need a map" guildhalls can get a very large statue to put in the courtyard, and they are different for Freeport (named "Domination") or Qeynos (named "Resolution"). Cost is 300p and 30 million status. Good news: no upkeep cost for these guys. I think this is what is known as conspicuous consumption. And if that isn't ostentatious enough for your liking, you can get up to four guardian statues to accompany them at 50p and 5 million status each. All of these items are in a fixed location, so be sure that you don't have anything already there.
  • Stupid-large and "I need a map"-large guildhalls can buy an orrery to put anywhere they please. (Look it up, or look in the Tower of the Moon, in Maj'Dul). These guys are only 100p and 10 million status. Piece of cake. I like the way this one looks. Again, no upkeep.
  • Also in the decorative category are hall guards (1p, 100K, upkeep 2g, 500) and the Uniform Mannequin (5p, 500K status, upkeep 10g, 2500) one of which can be used to determine the uniform all all the hall guards.
  • You can buy enough amenities that you will never need to go into a city again. This includes a banker for 10p and 1 million status, with upkeep of 20g, 5K status. An NPC buyer will buy all stuff with a value (10p, 1M status, upkeep 20g, 5K status), a mender can be had for 10p and a million status, and a broker costs 10p, 1M status to buy and 20g and 5K status upkeep. That covers the basic "back to town" cycle from an adventure. Sell, repair, bank and broker for the odd salable item.
  • There's some practice fighting stuff. You can get an NPC that will spawn arena creatures (5p, 500K , upkeep 10g, 2500K), or a Training Dummy Supply Chest that will let you get a no-rent training dummy to practice on anywhere in the guildhall at the same cost.
  • There are huge options for transportation. Bells to Faydwer and Kunark, a carpet to Sinking Sands, a spire that will take you to Kingdom of Sky (with options for each of the obvious zones), and a bell that takes you to any of the original zones with bells: Antonica, Commonlands, Thundering Steppes, Nektulos, Enchanted Lands, Zek, Everfrost or Lavastorm. Whew! There's also a "port back to your house" item, and a "port to any druid ring" person. There is the Guild Strategist, who, for a mere 100p and 20 million status (upkeep 2p and 100K) will allow you to set beacons pretty much anywhere in Norrath that will stay put for 2 hours allowing anyone to port instantly from him to that spot. This one will be very popular with the raiders, I think
  • That OMFG large guildhall taking you to long to walk around? Get a set of internal teleportation pads for the low-low price of 25p and 5 million status (upkeep 50g, 25K) to cut down on all the corns and blisters.
  • Harvesting hirelings come in three varieties. The hunter harvests from dens and fish nodes, the gatherer from roots, bushes, and wood, and the miner hireling harvests from ore and gem nodes. They will harvest for 2 hours and do about 100 picks (this works out to about 200 items). When they are done, the stuff that they gathered will show up in the inventory of the person who asked them to go. Only one person at a time though, and no rares. Each costs 20p, 2M status, with 40g, 10K status upkeep.
  • You can keep all that stuff in the Harvesting Supply Depot. It has 100 slots, each capable of holding stacks of 20,000 of one item. If you craft in the guildhall, you will use the stuff from the depot by default. They are 25p, 5M status to buy and 50g, 25K status to maintain.
  • There are writ givers. Rush orders, tradeskill writs, and Kunark adventure writs each have an NPC available. Combined with transportation options and/or the Supply Depot, this could seriously speed up writ grinding. Each costs 10p, 1M status and 20g, 5K to maintain.
  • There's some things that just seem silly to me, stuff that is used once in a blue moon: A recipe salesman, a hair stylist, a guild cloak designer, a Relic and Signet salesman (maybe the hardcore raiders will like this one), a bartender that sells basic food and drink (does anyone use vendor-sold food and drink?), and a Gigglegibber Goblin Gamblin' Game vendor.

There are some very useful combos here. I think these are going to have a big effect on the game, more on that in future posts. But not the least of these changes is all the money that is going to be sucked out of the game forthwith. Expect prices to drop pretty strongly.


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