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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jonesing for Norrath

For about a month, I've been unable to go into my guilds guildhall. I discovered this when I my client crashed inside the guildhall with an "out of memory" error, and any attempt to log back in was met with an immediate crash.

I was able to get my characters out using another computer. I could have just got a memory upgrade, but I was due for an upgrade, so I eventually ordered a new computer.

It came yesterday, so yesterday evening I took it out of the packing, hooked it up, and commenced to copy all my files and applications over via Microsoft's Easy Transfer.

Of course, that took all evening and all night going over the network.

No matter, thinks I, now I have all my games already there and ready to go, right?



My new computer has Vista. I know, I know, but it's at Service Pack 1 now, I figured most of the problems had been ironed out, and getting XP Pro was more money. Yes, I'm kind of a tightwad.

World of Warcraft more or less worked. It had to download a few patches, but otherwise no big problems.

The LOTRO launcher insisted that I have a particular version of .NET installed. At least I didn't encounter the issues that one gets with a 64-bit OS. That looks like a real nightmare, since .NET 1.1 doesn't support it until .NET 1.1 SP1. But you have to install .NET 1.1 before .NET 1.1 SP1. Joy! There is a hack to make it work, though.

Then there's the Everquest 2 issue. The launcher worked only well enough to tell me I needed to reload the launcher. The only launcher I found on the Station was the Station launcher (which is in beta), so I figured "WTH?" and gave it a whirl. I've had some "false start" downloads, where it starts a download and then does nothing at all.

If it lives up to its promise, station launcher looks pretty useful, will it download new patches and LU's in the background the moment they are available? And what will this do to server bandwidth if everyone starts doing this?

And it seems to think that my files are not up to date. Even though I just copied them last night. Sigh. Eventually I'll get to play on my new computer.

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Blogger Joshua said...

Ah, Vista.

Make sure that you run the LaunchPad as Administrator (log in as an administrator and right-click, select Run as Administrator).

Try that out.

6:38 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

Not sure what that has to do with Vista ;)

But okay!

In any case--

If I remember correctly, EQ2 may actually has issues with Vista 64 bit :-x..

Also why are you downloading .net 1.1? O_o Vista should come with .net 2.0, and even if it doesn't, .net is up to 3.5 ::snuggle up to LINQ::...

Regardless, Umm, I played EQ2 under Vista 32bit with zero issues related to vista. All my issues related to EQ2 itself (I had the same issues as my friend playing with XP).. And I did have a few issues related to my vidcard (Nvidia8800GT)... Annnnd... What else.. Oh yes. I tended to zone in before -everyone- i played with, so I'm pretty sure that playing on Vista doesn't lead to a significant performance hit, despite what people whine about :p ... Issues always tend to relate to video card drivers.

Ummm make sure you have the latest video card driver. Oh and there's some performance tweaks for EQ2 but I forget them now. I can try to dig them up and share them if you wish...

In conclusion! Thankyou for the great blog. When I played Everquest 2, it very much helped me understand the mechanics/systems and made sense of a lot of behavior I was observing. Thankyou very much.

5:51 AM  
Anonymous Milia said...

Too cheap for XP? What were you thinking? Penny wise, pound poor. Even I, tight fisted skin flint that I am, sprung for XP with my last computer. Tolly, Tolly. What ever will we do with you?

8:31 AM  
Blogger Toldain said...

Thanks, Keith. I made all those charts and stuff to help myself figure things out, but I love sharing.

11:21 AM  

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