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Friday, March 11, 2011

More on Jumpbridges in 0.0

Researching my previous piece I ran across this essay by Numtini, who is in Goonswarm.

Her narrative is this:

It seems that everyone is out to “fix” Eve. Rather odd since we all play it and presumably enjoy it. The last CSM started with the proposal that low sec space was broken and the chairwoman ran on a platform of fixing it. It ended with nulsec dwellers eyes bugging out at the CSM gleefully supporting a proposal to “fix” nulsec by removing jump bridges with the specific stated intention of making it more miserable and time consuming to get anything done there.

She goes on to say:

Here is the problem. There is no lowsec. There is no highsec. There is no nulsec. There are two kinds of space in Eve: Secure and Insecure. Secure Space consists of highsec empire and sovereign nulsec. You know where you stand and you can go out and play your game because if someone interferes with you, there will be consequences from a third party. It doesn’t have safety necessarily, what it has is predictability.

She goes on to say, and I think she says it well, that the state of Sovereign 0.0 is the product of intention:

I know it pecks at the livers of some folks that large parts of nulsec are this safe, but it’s the outcome of a series of very complex systems produced by the game designers and tens of thousands of players efforts over a period of years. Players were given the tools to build a civilization and they did what humanity has done for the last 10,000 years–they built a civilization. To expect human beings to do otherwise is ludicrous. We instinctively create order out of chaos. Nobody wants to live in Somalia. Get over it.

I find myself nodding to this. However, there's also some all-or-nothing thinking going on here. The issue, to my mind is that the power of a blob can be projected for 30 systems in within one's home territory. So, if you have the biggest blob, you can control all the systems within 30 jumps. What if that 30 was somehow changed to 10? You would still have sov space, which had a constructed civilization, even if it is feudal in nature, it's still a civilization. But there might be 10 civilizations in nullsec, instead of just 2. I think that would be a positive.



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