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Toldain started as an Everquest character. I've played him in EQ2, WoW, Vanguard, LOTRO, and Zork Online. And then EVE Online, where I'm 3 million years old, rather than my usual 3000. Currently I'm mostly playing DDO. But I still have fabulous red hair. In RL, I am a software developer who has worked on networked games, but not MMORPGS.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Meet the New Fabulous

I managed to get some screenshots of my new look, using the new EVE character generator. My main problem with it is that despite my best efforts, the nose is too big. Ah well, they just didn't make their character generator to accomodate high-elves that had been in cryosleep for 3 million years. I took this from an ingame screenshot, so the resolution is poor. There's a better one in the loading screen, if I was only willing to poke around in the filesystem more, I could probably find that. All hail laziness!

For comparison, here's the old look. Definitely a bit more hippy-dippy, which is good. The new Toldain is a bit too buttoned down. It was a choice between a uniform or a T-shirt, and Toldain would definitely not be wearing a T-shirt, unless it were a rare vintage T-Shirt, such as one from the star-studded Concert for Felwithe, or an original Matari Revolutionary Brigade t-shirt. But the wart on the face? Not a chance! I think I like the expression on the old one better, but it's my own fault. The chargen had an enormously detailed expression capability, with individual muscles highlighted. Like the new character, the nose is also larger than elf.

This, if you didn't know already, is Gloria Swanson. Well, she has her hair covered, I wonder what she has to hide? But otherwise, she's looking pretty good. I'd kill for her lighting, mine is about as soft as I could make it, but still comes off as harsh. Her nose, however, is just about exactly the right size. I hope she quits the game soon and lets me have her stuff.



Blogger kodoru said...

there's several sites now that will show the old and new pics for any character (slightly bigger than the ones you used), like this:

I was disappointed in the missing options (hair styles, tattoos, etc), it's just not the same...

1:53 PM  

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