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Toldain started as an Everquest character. I've played him in EQ2, WoW, Vanguard, LOTRO, and Zork Online. And then EVE Online, where I'm 3 million years old, rather than my usual 3000. Currently I'm mostly playing DDO. But I still have fabulous red hair. In RL, I am a software developer who has worked on networked games, but not MMORPGS.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I Ain't That Extreme

Via Alice, I just ran across a study that says that truly hardcore gamers (not just MMO's, but all electronic gaming) play more than 48 hours a week. And a third of them are women.

Bear in mind that 7 hours a day is just a little bit more than the time the average American spends watching TV.

Anyway, I don't think I reach that level, only 4% of gamers do. After all, I gotta get my tabletop gaming time in!



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