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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

EQ2 Low-level Spell Advancement Changes

In today's Test Server patch announcement, it says, among other things:

  • Monks will no longer automatically receive “Silent Threat” and “Silent Threat II.”
  • Bruisers will no longer automatically receive “Slurred Insult” and “Slurred Insult II.
  • Monks will no longer automatically receive “Challenge” at level 8.
  • Bruisers will no longer automatically receive “Abuse” at level 8.
  • Monks will now receive “Tranquil Vision” at level 21.
  • Bruisers will now receive “Shrug Off” at level 21.
  • Monks will now receive “Flow Like Wind II” at level 16.
  • Bruisers will now receive “Smoldering Fists II” at level 16.

That's just one example. For enchanters, there's this:
  • Coercers will no longer automatically receive “Mesmerize” at level 1.
  • Illusionists will no longer automatically receive “Entrance” at level 1.
I can' t say that I get the reasoning behind this, or even a hint of what they are up to. It seems to be a lot of fiddling with what spells/abilities you get automatically, versus ones you have to go out and buy. They are taking away fighter archetype taunts? (Slurred Insult and Silent Threat are the bread and butter taunts of their respective classes). And mezzing for enchanters?

If I had to guess, it would be that they observe that nobody groups at low levels, and group oriented abilities, like taunt, don't mean much, and they want to fiddle with the progression at that level to make soloing smoother. But mezzing? Sigh. More hate/jealousy of us. It's understandable, of course; almost as understandable as jealousy of the fabulous crimson do I sport. Mezzing a la EQ1 was hellishly powerful, and pretty potent even as it exists in EQ2, given the right situation. At other times, though, it's useless.

Maybe it's just that if you want to mez at level 1, you have to go buy the spell. I hope that's it.



Blogger Magson said...

No mez at level 1 for either chanter? Sounds weird. I'm 90, so it won't affect my coercer at all, but still..... it does seem weird.

11:38 PM  
Blogger Magson said...

I've looked more in to it now since you posted about it and it looks like they're simply trying to make the new player experience more intuitive by changing up the order in which spells are received, not actually removing them. Many of the spells are not used or ineffective at low levels, so they're being introduced a bit later to a new player when they'd actually be used and/or make sense to have.

Still seems odd that they're removing any fighter's taunts until level 15 since they are HO finishers so you need them at level 5 once you can start doing HO's.

10:18 AM  

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