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Friday, May 08, 2009

Where's the Pipeweed?

The New York Times reported today on new data concerning the fossils of hobbits found in Indonesia.

These bones were first found in 2004, but controversy remains over whether the bones represent a different species altogether, or just pygmy versions of homo sapiens.

A new study being released in Nature recounts many anatomical differences between the bones and homo sapiens, most notably the extremely large feet. Hair, of course, would not survive the 17,000 years. Still, some questions remain...

Dr. Jungers and his colleagues raised the possibility that the ancestor of the species was not Homo erectus, as had been the original assumption. H. erectus is known as the earliest hominid to leave Africa and make its way across Asia. At a symposium two weeks ago, several scientists edged toward the view that the hobbits emerged from another, more primitive hominid ancestor.

Well, nobody has ever claimed to know where hobbits come from, not even John Ronald Ruel himself. And any red hair would be long gone by now

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Anonymous Karaya said...

Anatomical differences... Extremely large feet... Not evolved from H. Erectus...

Sounds like frogloks to me.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Phritz said...

Sounds more like a tribe of sasquatch to me. No one said Bigfoot had to be tall.

9:42 PM  

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