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Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Classes for EQ3

I had a discussion last night with my guildies about what they wanted to see in EQ3. We were not in what one would call a serious mood. I'm not sure I've got everything exact, update me in comments.

Vomitoriums (which, boringly, turn out to be part of structure that allows large numbers of people to leave at the same time), STD's, nuclear weapons. Her favored new class would be Attorneys, who would have an ability "Throw Book". A weaker, (NPC?) class would be "Public Defender".

Milia wants to see Farmer become a class in EQ3. I told her that's old ground, what with the Harvest Moon franchise and all. She then said she wanted to see in-game outbreaks of swine flu, which would be called "The Aporkalypse".

The character class Phritz most wants to see for EQ3 is Gigolo, or Manwhore, as we sometimes call them. Another favorite was Telemarketer. I think I'd like to see NPC's be telemarketers, certainly. I want to be known as Slayer of Telemarketers.

To much acclaim, I declared that the class I most wanted to see added to EQ3 was Game Show Host.

All this was discussed while we went collecting sparklies and named kills in Karnor's Castle in force. Don't jog Karaya's elbow, though. I did this once, and ended up with a fine view of the tile flooring. I think it's basalt, for the record.

Also all agreed that we wanted Nathan ("I'm gonna join the Qeynos Guard when I grow up. Have you ever SEEN a gnoll?") Ironforge to be a permanent fixture in any future sequels. All they need to do is make him aggroable.

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Anonymous Karaya said...

Ah! You've swapped me with Mil for a couple of things. I suggested farmers, and she suggested Attorneys and Public Defenders (and "throwing the book" etc.)

I can't take credit for the comedic success of others ;)

6:00 PM  

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