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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hit Monsters, Get Gold

Via Amber, Cuppycake reports a conversation with a gold farmer (this is in WoW) who wanted to level Cuppycake's toon from 60 to 70 and then rent it for 20 bucks a week to farm or powerlevel with.

(16:55:00) Cuppycake You’ll level my character from 60-70 without me paying anything?

(16:55:16) if u rent ur lvl 70 char to us ,u may get 1000g or 20$ per week.

(16:55:43) Cuppycake I don’t get it.

(16:56:58) no. u can get it back.

(16:57:13) Cuppycake Ah, what do you use my character for?

(16:57:51) we rent our clients’wow acc one week or so.after one week u get it back again.

(16:58:03) Cuppycake Yes, but what do you use it for?

(16:58:53) we use it to hit monsters and get the golds ,then pay payment or offer lvling service.ok?

Of course, the farmer claimed it wasn't against the EULA (it is), and that the account would not be banned. Right. She didn't mention whether all the assets on the account would be vendored and the gold moved off and sold or not. But then, Cuppy didn't ask.

The mention of an IP proxy indicates that they believe that MMO operators not only look for platfarming accounts, but trace them to IP addresses as well.

Finally, the thing that just makes me shake my head is the powerleveling. Isn't playing the game supposed to be fun? If you're not having fun, you are doing it wrong!

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