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Monday, June 09, 2008

Alice Explains Age of Conan

The hot new MMORPG is Age of Conan. Alice has some screenshots up from it. She says:

Okay, so I've been hearing quite a bit about AoC: it's got depth, it burns the heck out of your graphics card, it's more "realistic" than most MMOs. Graphic. Meaty.

I was wondering what this meant, and then me ole buddy (and Quake pal and SWG pal) Jadell sent me some screenies of his avatar.

It turns out that when you are naked in AoC, you are, ahem, naked. Take a look. After all, the internet is for porn.

Go ahead, look. I'll wait here.

I'm curious about a few things. The screenie is of a woman, but Conan is one of the few men that refined the fine art of fighting without armor. So presumably men can fight naked too. What do they look like?

Under what circumstances are you naked? When you change to a new armor/clothing piece? After you die, is there a naked corpse run, like in Everquest? (In EQ, we joked about being nekkid, because you weren't, some clothing was more revealing than "naked").

I further note that when you are naked, you still have jewelry on. This adds to the performative nature of the nakedness. That is, a character is not incidentally naked, but is on display.

Are you naked in character creation? Inquiring minds want to know.

Further searching has turned up The Top 10 Reasons Age of Conan's Release was Delayed Six Months which includes Reason 4:

The modellers were so distracted by boobies that they forgot to design female armor.


Anonymous Milia said...

Why oh why do you tempt me with these things at work? Somehow, this makes me want to try it just to see even though I am appalled by so many aspects of how the thought process that went into developing portions of it. Also, I don't think I really want to play with people *ahem* who are attracted by these aspects of the game.

1:30 PM  

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