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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Power Draining Down the Drain (Revisited)

A while back I wrote that power draining seemed to have been deprecated as a PvE strategy in EQ2. So I've got these spells that do power drains that are pretty much useless.

It seems the game devs agree with that assessment. In LU 45, they became more useful, in that damage was added to them. This seems like a good thing, though I'll want to have more experience with them to be sure. You see, all of my power-drains do something else, too. One has a big stun. Another stifles. And another regens power within my group.

There's another thing that this does, and I'll bet it really irritates the Illusionists that do PvP. It means that a mob that is mezzed can't be power drained with impunity, since damage will break the mez. I think it's still possible to mez and power drain, but it will take a lot longer, since you will have to wait for the recast timer on the big stun.

But this seems like a pretty decent accomodation to the situation that Illusionists found themselves in: I'm the king of power draining, but that does no good whatsoever. And it's a solution much to be preferred to the "how dare you not follow the script" changes they did to Bli'thuu.

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