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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Heritage Quests

There are a number of items in EQ2 which appeared in EQ1. These items are all questable, the quests for them are known as heritage quests. They sound like a lot of fun, though I think in most cases you have to be close to level 40 to complete them. Most of the items are familiar to EQ1 players.

One of the things to realize is that completing a heritage quest will result in a substantial status award, 37,500 status points. At least some of these quests also offer intermediate rewards for completing some portion of them. Here's a list, which I think is comprehensive:

Greater Lightstone
Starting Zone: Commonlands
Quest Giver: Lightbringer Wisp
Minimum Level: 15ish
Description: A Burned Out Lightstone drops in a chest from the Lightbringer Wisp (lvl 20/21 mob) in Commonlands near the Ring of Druids. This item can be bought through a broker if available. This quest requires access to an instanced zone.

Dwarven Workboots:
Starting Zone: Antonica
Quest giver: Hwal Rucksif (Keep of Ardent Needle)
Minimum Level: 20
Description: A somewhat long quest for a somewhat decent, if not great, reward.

Glowing Black Stone:
Starting Zone: Antonica
Quest Giver: Mage behind Oracle Tower (with pet Skeleton)
Minimum Level: 25
Description: Starts by sending you to shipwreck (almost off the map) out in ocean in northwest Thundering Steppes and waterfall in NektulosForest. Must find power sources for journal update.

Fishbone Earring:
Starting Zone: Thundering Steppes
Quest Giver: Kerath McMarrin
Minimum Level: 25
Description: Starts by sending you to Bell of Vhalen in Antonica. Then, you have to swim in river just north of Nektulos Forest bridge near Commonlands entrance. Then, you have to go to ocean in Commonlands for journal update.

Shiny Brass Halberd:
Starting Zone: Nektulos Forest
Quest Giver: Dark Elf K`Naae of the Thexians east of NektulosForest
Minimum Level: 25

Starting Zone: Thundering Steppes
Quest Giver: Stiletto (mob) drops Stiletto$(B!Gs Orders
Minimum Level: 28
Description: Starts by examining orders (looks like an envelope) dropped from
Stiletto (lvl 25 Ratonga mob accompanied by two other lvl 25ish Ratonga mobs)
near the Gnoll Bridge area in southern Steppes. You can buy the orders through the broker if other players have it for sale, but there are reports of a level limit to activate or buy.

Guise of the Deceiver:
Starting Zone: NektroposCastle
Quest Giver: Clickable crate in the basement
Minimum Level: 30+

Shiny Brass Shield:
Starting Zone: Orcish Wastes (Zek)
Quest Giver: Named Orc near the bridge to the Citadel.
Minimum Level: 31+

Bag of Sewn Evil Eye:
Starting Zone: Enchanted Lands
Quest Giver: Foomby (Goblin) by the farms and demons, on the riverbank next to a tree
Minimum Level: 32

Stein of Moggok:
Starting Zone: East Freeport
Quest Giver: Tavern
Minimum Level: 35

Serrated Bone Dirk:
Starting Zone: Enchanted Lands
Quest Giver: attackable Halfling on the shore
Minimum Level: 35+/38+?

Flowing Black Silk Sash:
Starting Zone: Antonica
Quest Giver: Yuro the Old in WindstalkerVillage
Minimum Level: 40

Polished Granite Tomahawk:
Starting Zone: Thundering Steppes
Quest Giver: Obsid Boulderboom
Minimum Level: 40+?
Description: Speak with the giant Obsid Boulderboom in the Steppes. Note – you must finish the Words of a Giant language quest to be able to speak with him. You can purchase the Hill Giant Idols (6 in total) from the broker if you have to.

Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch:
Starting Zone: Everfrost
Quest Giver: NPC on one of the islands near zone. Spawns only at night.
Minimum Level: 40+?

Hierophants Crook
Starting Zone: Rivervale
Quest Giver: Halfling in a tree stump guarded by Nightbloods
Minimum Level: 40+?

Starting Zone: Nettleville
Quest Giver: Vida Sweeps
Minimum Level: 8 and 20
Description: Starts by getting the Vida Needs a New Broom quest. Once you complete this quest, she gives you a Dusty Blue Stone. At level 20 you examine the Dusty Blue Stone to start the Ghoulbane quest.


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