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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Crow's Feet?

Living in Castleview as I do, my innkeeper Valean asked me to look in The Down Below to see if I could spot some books stolen from him down there. I noticed a stack of books behind each vendor, which sure enough, contained some of his books, though the vendors didn't try to sell them to me.

But closer examination of the pile of books themselves revealed another quest, one to find out about a strange symbol of an eye. This quest led me to many citizens of Qeynos, most of whom were afraid to talk about some dark cabal lurking below the Down Below. Our quest led us to an undead royal deep in the sewers, and an encounter with the Undead Prince and his bodyguard. But when we were done, we found a statue that allowed us into a new area of the sewers, "Crow's End" -- also known as Crow's Final Resting Place.

From my ancestor on Norrath I had heard of a Crow's Tavern in Qeynos, which was the center of much mischief and a den of corruption. Perhaps this is related?

In all, a fine adventure with more to come.


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