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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I Didn't Know "Intitle" Was a Word, Even Between Friends

But Words With Friends evidently thinks so, and backs up Karaya's play of it in our current game. Since it's 7 letters, she got the 50 point bonus. Which goes on top of the 50 point bonus she got for "deathcup". Two bingos in one game. I'm toast.

Strangely, she isn't beating me by as much as my first game with **Milia**. I can no longer remember the 7-letter bingos she made in that game. Apparently the memory is too painful to carry for another 3000 years of life. I believe the sum total of 7-letter plays, which empty your rack and score a 50 point bonus is: Opponents 5, Tolly 0.

Wow, I suck at this game.

P.S. While I'm thinking about it, the dictionary for this game is cracked. It allows "jetes" ??? That's French, right? I did not think foreign words were acceptable. Oh, and "moggy"??!? What the frak?

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Anonymous Milia said...

Moggy is the British term for plain ole domestic cat. Also. Isn't the 7 letter bonus35 points? And my highest point word so far ws 167. I think I was about as proud at the first time we got that KoS dragon.
I'm behind because I had to wipe my phone 2 days ago and it has been a pita getting it close to where it was.
And I agree, the word list is jacked. I couldn't find rattened in the dictionary the other day. I'm always playing words I don't know. I looked in the rules for their official dictionary and it listed it along with the proviso they would add words they liked.

6:43 PM  

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