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Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Elements Have Been Warded

I logged on EQ2 yesterday, hoping to do something with my friends in Shards of Glory. I was pleased then, to find that Mandoralen was going to host a raid on Ward of the Elements, the two-group raid zone off of Lavastorm.

I'd been in there once before, and it didn't go well. We managed to kill exactly one trash mob. But folks were saying they had been there last week and killed some stuff, so I figured it had to be better, right?

It was better. We cruised through the first part of the zone having only a few glitches with the trash. The Lord of Water died easily, with Mando running between two towers doing something.

Phritz showed up late, because his son had a soccer game. Then, about the time we got to Digg, the Earth Elemental:

Phritz: I have to turn into a buffbot for about 15 mins, to take my other son to his soccer practice. I'll autofollow on Tolly.

Mandoralen: Ok, Phritz you should be fine. We've never wiped on this guy before.

After much hilarity where we all attempted to get onto Digg's platform without falling off, or getting killed by Digg, we were set.

We wiped.

We revived and ran back, but Phritz was a rock, keeping guard over Digg. Phritz didn't move a muscle, no sir.

The second try we wiped too. I had the pleasure of dying to an ae and then getting ganked again right after someone revived me. That was the first of three times that happened to me.

But the third try was the charm, and just when we finished it, Phritz was back, saying, "Hey, I'm dead". "No, Phritz, you're just keeping an eye on Digg."

Dayakara, pictured above, was tough, but we got her in the end. That was another of my pop and drop fights. The third was Gelidus Ventus, I think.

Then when we got to Captain Grush, we wiped early on the first couple of pulls. Then Phritz announced that his son's soccer practice had ended an hour early and he had to go get him. So he went on buffbot. This apparently is our good luck charm, since this time the pull went smoothly. Now most of you probably know this but Grush is an extremely long fight. My family was kind of getting antsy, we were going to go out for dinner. I told them I'd break at 5:30. Our successful pull was at 5:15. At 5:30 they were all standing around looking at my screen wondering when Grush was going to drop. Finally he did, I think I used Peace of Mind five times in that fight.

I was busier than a caterpillar with athlete's foot in that fight, since I needed to do power maintenance as well as dps. So I didn't get a screenshot of him. Maybe next time.

This is the kind of thing I love about EQ2. As a solo game, it has lost my interest, but I still love to hang with my friends and do cool stuff like crash the Ward of Elements.



Anonymous Phritz said...

True story, every time I had to go afk I'd come back, I'd be dead, the mob would be dead, the looting would be over.

AND, every time, something dropped that I would have wanted, had I been there.

If you want to play Everquest II and raid, then sell your children, divorce your spouse, and shoot your dog first. Oh, and win the lottery, too.

12:42 PM  

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