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Thursday, September 24, 2009

All You Need is (Shard of) Love!

After completing the access quest, which starts for Qeynosians outside the NQ gate in Antonica, I went into the Shard of Love with guildies Karaya, Exit and Index. It seems that Erollisi Marr is still missing and there seems to be a problem with her home, the Plane of Love. I've been an adherent of Erollisi Marr for 3000 years. So naturally I jumped at the chance, and we investigated. There was no sign of her, her guardians have suffered serious memory loss, and the place is afflicted by lots of doleful listlessness, muck of neglect, and other such problems.

There are several nameds, all of which spawn as ring events, and the drops are mainly house items and appearance gear. For example, there's a fireworks that gives you a rain of rose petals. And a love seat for your house. (Did I forget to mention that my house got a new room, and more slots for stuff! That will keep me busy for a while.)

For instance, there was a very unhappy fairy surrounded by angry bees. And those bees had quite a sting. On one pull, the bees flew down from their tree and turned in unison to look at me. Erk! My finger hadn't even reached the mez button before I was dead. I hadn't cast a spell or nothin'! But I was rezzed and we moved on.

After poking around and clearing stuff out, the guardian remembered enough to tell us to go to the Chapel of Love. I refrained from singing on voice chat, but only just barely. But first we had to defeat the guardian of the Chapel, Valoron.

Ok, so most of these mobs are tough, but nothing terribly special. We died a lot but that's because there were four of us, no healer, and the tank was level 72. Karaya's coercer pet was very handy, but I pulled aggro from it or others several times and died a lot as a result. Hmm, I guess my respec boosted my dps. Or something.

The paladin tried putting amends on me, but that mostly succeeded in getting HIM killed first. Level 72 is rough to tank that zone, though there's only one mob red at that level.

I won't spoil what the final mob is, or how the plot resolves because, for me, that's part of the fun. There are 3 collections in this zone, and an opportunity to harvest a pomegranate, which very likely is has a new recipe out there to make use of it.

Good times all around.

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Blogger Rita said...

That trip to Shard of Love was heartbreaking (the storyline of it, that is). Karaya's been a follower of Erollisi most of her life as well, though she hasn't been around half as long as Tolly (her mentor in the Shadow of Marr organization, if you recall).

Karaya's a... troubled.. individual, to say the least. "Twisted" may be more appropriate. And at this point in time, Erollisi's realm seems to echo Karaya's broken psyche. Is there no firm ground remaining? No absolute to keep us all from going to pieces?

Also, Tolly, Index is a *HER*. Let's try not to default to male pronouns, hmm? ;)

6:58 AM  
Blogger Toldain said...

I'll confess I had to go through a second time before I figured out what the plotline was. I think I was busy with some RL thing the first time.

Apologies to Index.

10:06 AM  

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