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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tradeskill Rumor

Last night I heard a rumor that the upcoming expansion, Kingdom of the Sky, and the associated Live Update 19 will bring changes to tradeskills that did away with subcombines. A brief search of the Test Update notes produced this:

- You can now view the components and subcomponents required to make a recipe.
- There are now recipes for all the new level 1-19 spells and combat arts. These new recipes require no subcombines, and instead have additional component requirements for the final recipe.
- Recipes will now default to the "N" key rather than "B."
- After creating a specific quality level of an item for the first time, the tooltips for completed product icons will update without requiring you to re-examine the recipe.
- Recipes for some subcomponents that were not marked as recipes are now found properly on the tradeskill prepare window

So, it appears that only the low level spells are being revamped. Because of the change to character progression all the spells from level 1-19 needed to be revamped in any case. Presumably the recipes for these spells were simplified in an attempt to help out the player base.

If you have old apprentice 3-4's or adept 1's (or even 3's) that haven't moved, you might be wise to cut prices now, since it's far from clear whether they will be converted. Clearly spells that have been scribed will be converted in some form.

While I'm at it, some welcome changes to Tradeskills are in the works, too. Again, from the Test Update notes:

- The tradeskill UI will now display the stack count in the component choice window.
- You can now search for a particular recipe by name from the recipe window.
- The crafter's name will now display on stackable items as long as every item in the stack was created by the same character.
- The maximum stack size of all tradeskill-used fuels is now 100 instead of 20.

Also, it looks like LU19 will expand the size of house vaults and make it so that a character can access their vault from any residence in their home city. The combined effect of these and the new stacking size of fuel will make it much easier to do tradeskilling at home or in a cooperative residence.


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