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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Time Ever at This Energy!

Baubleshire, Qeynos T.W.I.T.T.E.R messenger pigeons fanned out across Norrath today with news of the successful launch of D.I.R.T.Y.'s Large Bakron Collider.

The stream of messages from the justifiably excited tinkerers of D.I.R.T.Y. included

"Now stabilizing the catapults"

"Experiment has seen collisions!"

"First time in history!!!!!! Norrathian record!!!!!!!!!!

"Patrons do this kind of thing in Deepmug Tavern all the time, and with higher energies. But this is the first time in a laboratory!"

"Experiments have half a million events. More than three hours of colliding pies!"

“It’s a great day to be a particle physicist,” said DIRTY Director General Fissable Wockle. “A lot of people have waited a long time for this moment, but their patience and dedication is starting to pay dividends. And theres some great pie filling available, too!”

“With these record-shattering collision energies, the LBC experiments are propelled into a vast region to explore, and the hunt begins for dark matter, new forces, new dimensions, the pie maysom, and the pie moo-on,” said bakery spokesperson, Roselia Goldencrust.

"We still have a great deal to do," said Wockle. "Work on the Lag Inducer has experienced many delays, and hasn't kept pace with the rest of the project, even though we have had some breakthroughs there, as well. We're proud though, of the progress that project has made. We've been able to induce a great deal of lag in enclosed spaces such as houses and guild halls, but we need to do better with the outdoor spaces that the LBC works in."



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