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Friday, April 04, 2008

Items and DPSmod

I thought I'd list a few items obtainable through crafting, quests, or purchase that boost DPSmod. I'm excluding items that drop from raid mobs, even though some of them are quite good. I prefer to focus more on stuff that can be done independently, and on what can be done to leverage yourself up to the raid level.

  • The Assasin's Stud drops in Crypt of Agony.

  • The Belt of the Scorpikis Lord offers a +1DPSmod, and can be purchased from the Scorpikis faction merchant in Jarsath Wastes.

  • The Ivy-shrouded Earring of Tunare is the reward for a quest line in Faydwer, which I expect can be soloed by a level 80ish character. There is some discrepancy between the Allakhazam listing of this item and the EQ2i listing. Both list it as giving +8 DPSmod, but Allakhazam adds a proc that adds an additional +6 DPSmod. The stats are lower than you'd see on a tier 8 piece, but the DPSmod could well be worth it.

  • The Judicious Easyloader fabled adornment line can be used to add a +DPSmod of up to +12 to a thrown weapon bag. I haven't tested this, but it seems to me that this must be an addition to DPSmod under all circumstances, not just ranged combat, just as the other stats on such a bag add under all circumstances. This adornment is made by tailors.

  • Bow users don't need to lose out; the Judicious Composite Gear line of adornments, made by tinkerers, provides the same DPSmod as the Judicious Easyloader, but can be applied to a bow. For the same reasoning as above, I believe this modifier will apply to all autoattack, not just ranged.

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