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Friday, April 04, 2008

DPSmod, Spells, and AA's

It seems that DPSmod is every bit as important to overall damage-dealing as Attack Speed. However, it isn't as easy to boost this modifier, which hasn't been around as long. So how do you get more? Certain AA lines will provide a boost this modifier, and certain classes have buffs that provide a boost. In particular, Coercers get a very large DPSmod buff, the highest version of which is called Impetus, in symmetry to Illusionists, who get a very large Attack Speed permanent buff, the highest version of which is Rapidity.

Dirges get a group DPSmod buff line called, at its highest level , Riana's Indignant Sustain. This is in symmetry to the Troubador Attack Speed buff Rousing Opus.

Warriors have AA abilities to increase both DPSmod(Seasoned Veteran) and Attack Speed(Slayer's Speed).

Brawlers get AA skills that boost their Melee Crit chance, but little that boosts either Attack Speed or DPSmod. Except for the notorious Brawler Strength line, which skills cannot be used with any weapon. This limits its usefulness to Brawlers that are leveling up, since high-level weapons are going to be worth it for the brawler, even if they must give up the Strength line to use them.

Assasins have a self-buff that increases DPS (Villainy and upgrades), and Rangers have a self-buff of Attack Speed(Hunter's Instinct and upgrades).

Brigands and Swashbucklers get short term buffs of both DPS and Attack Speed - Deceit and Ruthless Cunning.

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